Copyrights and Usage

My SOPs manuals are sold for customization by the end-user: doctors and staff for in-house noncommercial use only. No further use or distribution is authorized. Many of our fellow consultants recommend the SOPs manuals to their clients. I actively encourage this, as we should always use the best resources we can find to help our clients, but the copyright does not provide for any consultant to distribute the contents as either physical SOPs or digital files in any format (doc/docx, pdf, gdoc, odt, rtf, txt or even wpd!). 

If you understand the impact that SOPs can have on your client’s practices, then you understand the SOPification process and its attendant unruly bits where implementation can bog down or even stall. Your client’s satisfaction with SOPs is our responsibility, and one we take very seriously. Letting your clients purchase the manual directly from us, establishes a relationship that ensures this individual support and timely, unrestricted access to updates and newer editions for the life of the practice. This is in no way a commination or impediment to your consultancy, rather this ensures your clients have the best experience with my product.

The tools you use to help your clients achieve their goals contribute to your professional image, and I am honored that you would consider my books a reflection of your consummate commitment to their irrepressible success: thank you. Help us to continue my mission of refining the most comprehensive, implementable Standard Operating Procedures products available by simply honoring the copyrights. Please contact my publisher to learn how you can offer the SOPs manuals to your clients with special pricing and benefits available only to authenticated consultants.